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Kyle Forte

Get Out of Pain With Personal Training

Movement and health is important to Kyle, because for many years, he didn’t have either.  Chronic neck and back pain during childhood prevented him from engaging in the activities he longed to enjoy. 

Life threw him a curveball in 2015.  He ended up in the ICU with Myopericarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle and lining, caused by autoimmune response. He was forced to move home, unable to take care of himself until he recovered, and take heavy, prescription drugs. In those moments, everything seemed bleak. Kyle wanted to be in charge of his own life!

Kyle was forced to pivot.  He had to seek new answers and methods. Through research and working with the right health practitioners, he learned how to create a lifestyle that was specific to his dreams and goals.  He regained full health, was able to resume his life, prescription-drug free. 

Kyle was inspired, because he knew of others experiencing the same struggles he had, and now there were answers he could share with them.  He focused his studies in this area, getting certified as a personal trainer through the International Sport Science Association, with additional studies in Z-Health Essentials, to learn how the health of a person’s neurology impacts movement.  He began working with personal training clients, and quickly found he had a knack for rehab and functional strength training.  

In the Winter of 2019, Kyle earned his diploma of Kinesiology from Langara College and was then accepted to the faculty of Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia, where he is completing his bachelor’s degree.  Kyle plans to continue into sports medicine, or physiotherapy.  

Today, he works with many clients, helping them get out of pain and helping them move better.  He loves to watch people progress, reach their goals and gain the self-confidence that comes with those achievements.  “The best thing you can hear from a client is that their pain is gone, and they have more energy than ever before!” Kyle says. 

In his personal life, he has a beautiful son who he enjoys sharing the outdoors with. Spending time in nature is his connection to the Earth, for calming his mind so he can continue to experience a state of healing and harmony in his body.

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